Our mission statement is as follows:

Junior Crusaders Baseball is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of offering a competitive baseball program alternative to Waukesha County elementary and middle school students. While not affiliated with Catholic Memorial High School(CMH), Junior Crusaders Baseball enjoys a close working relationship with the school and the CMH athletic department.

Our mission is to organize and develop highly competitive Junior Crusaders youth baseball teams comprised of players from the Waukesha area and its surrounding communities. We expect to provide our players with dedicated knowledgeable coaching that will not only teach the physical aspects of baseball, but also a deeper understanding of how to play the game while maintaining high standards of excellence promoting good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for the individual. We will instill the integrity of the game of baseball into each player while helping them understand the greatness of the game. To allow each player to learn life lessons associated with the game of baseball. To guide and enhance the development needed to advance to the high school or college level. To provide the best learning environment, the best competition, and the most fun the game of baseball has to offer its participants.

The Junior Crusaders Baseball Program will provide our players with the following:

„´ Significant development of all skills required to play the game of baseball
„´ A thorough understanding of baseball strategies and game situations
„´ A focus on team rather than individual
„´ A consistent demonstration of good sportsmanship through the actions of our coaches, players, and parents
„´ Open tryouts held in late July or early August each year for new players and all existing players to compete for the 11-13 available roster spots for each team
„´ Excellent facilities and equipment
„´ Competitive teams at all age levels
„´ Respect for the individual
„´ Above all, we want the kids to have fun while learning to play the great game of baseball

2009 U13 Home Opener
2007 U9 Season
2016 U13
2011 U11 Season
2012 U14 Season
2010 U13 Championship Game
2012 Jr Crusaders Night
2010 U13 Season
2010 U13 Season
2014 U11 Season

Countdown to
The 2018 Baseball Season

(May 1, 2018 @ 12:00am)


  • Welcome to the home of Junior Crusaders Baseball
  • Developing youth players to the next level
  • Having fun while learning to play the great game of baseball
  • Teaching good sportsmanship through the actions of our coaches and players

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