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All games 5 innings long.
7 runs max per inning in all innings.
If tied, one extra inning may be played, time permitting.
Sunday bracket distributed over email.
*Home team determined by regular season standings.

Date  Time Location Visitor Home
Aug 14/17 7:00pm G1 Cunning Linguists 7 BallzDeep 6
Aug 14/17 7:00pm G2 Unicorn Ryders 12 Sons of Pitches 18
Aug 15/17 7:00pm G1 Walking Wounded 10 Scared Hitless 3
Aug 15/17 7:00pm G2 Rutch Dudders 1 Royals 5
Aug 16/17 7:00pm StN Outpatients 5 Batty McBatFace 17
Aug 19/17 9:00am G1 Sons of Pitches Batty McBatFace
Aug 19/17 10:00am G1 Unicorn Ryders Outpatients
Aug 19/17 10:00am G2 Royals Scared Hitless
Aug 19/17 10:00am G3 Rutch Dudders Walking Wounded
Aug 19/17 11:30am G1 Batty McBatFace Unicorn Ryders
Aug 19/17 11:30am G2 Scared Hitless Cunning Linguists
Aug 19/17 11:30am G3 BallzDeep Rutch Dudders
Aug 19/17 1:00pm G1 Outpatients Sons of Pitches
Aug 19/17 1:00pm G2 Walking Wounded Cunning Linguists
Aug 19/17 1:00pm G3 Royals BallzDeep
Aug 20/17 9:00am G1 6th Place A 3rd Place A
Aug 20/17 9:00am G2 5th Place A 4th Place A
Aug 20/17 9:00am G3 4th Place B 1st Place B
Aug 20/17 10:30am G1 Winner A1 1st Place A
Aug 20/17 10:30am G2 Winner A2 2nd Place A
Aug 20/17 10:30am G3 3rd Place B 2nd Place B
Aug 20/17 12:00pm G1 Loser A1* Loser A4*
Aug 20/17 12:00pm G2 Loser A2* Loser A3*
Aug 20/17 12:00pm G3 Loser B1* Loser B2*
Aug 20/17 1:30pm G1 Winner A5* Winner A6*
Aug 20/17 1:30pm G2 Winner B1* Winner B2*
Aug 20/17 3:00pm G1 Winner A3* Winner A4*

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Recent Results
Sun Aug 20/17 3:00pm:
Winner A3* -
Winner A4* -
Sun Aug 20/17 1:30pm:
Winner A5* -
Winner A6* -
Sun Aug 20/17 1:30pm:
Winner B1* -
Winner B2* -


Cunning Linguists11001.000-
Walking Wounded11001.000-
Rutch Dudders1010.0001.0
Scared Hitless1010.0001.0