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Player of the week (Jul 31/17)

Tony Stadtherr

Tony had a huge week for the Reds with clutch hits in the first round of the playoffs.

This week Hitting


Countdown to
REDS @ Lamberton Long Sox

(Aug 5, 2017 @ 2:00pm)

Lamberton, MN

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Recent Results
Sun Aug 13/17 2:00pm: (2017)
Stark Longhorns 4
Gibbon Reds 7
Sat Aug 12/17 2:00pm: (2017)
Gibbon Reds 20
Sleepy Eye Indians 2
  • Thanks to our fans for enjoying the game with us. Gibbon Baseball is no longer a secret; drawing fans from far and near.
  • Thanks Fans For Making Gibbon Reds Baseball A Great Experience For Our Players
  • Thanks from all the players to those who help make the Gibbon Reds possible.
  • A new season is under way!
  • The most nostalgic baseball environment in Minnesota! Come and experience a day at McGowan Field!

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Sweet Victory! - BK & Buddha savor the exciting 12-11 win over Leavenworth on June 29th, - 2007.
Gibbon Autos - 1910
GB City Hall - 1970's
Gibbon Autos
Ray Berg - Ray Berg plays the National Anthem with his harmonica.
Gibbon from Above - 1960's???
Popcorn Anybody? - This young baseball fan enjoys some popcorn during the Springfield Vs. Reds game.
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Go Wild Go!
2007 Gibbon Reds - Missing about 5 guys...

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