15th Annual BOLD Mudhen Legion Baseball Tournament
June 16-18 2017
All games Played at Lions Memorial Park in Bird Island
Pool A  - BOLD, Litchfield, West St Paul, Cottonwood
Pool B - Hutchinson, Granite Falls, Annandale
Friday June 16th
      Gm Visitor Runs Home team Runs
  6:00 PM A1 Litchfield 3 BOLD 5
  8:00 PM B1 Granite Falls 0 Hutchinson 10
Saturday June 18th
        Visitor Runs Home team Runs
  9:00 AM A2 Cottonwood 0 West St.Paul 10
  11:15 AM A3 Loser A1 - Litchfield 14 Loser A2 - Cottonwood 1
  1:30 PM A4 Winner A1 - BOLD 3 Winner A2 - W.St.Paul 8
  3:45 PM B2 Hutchinson 12 Annandale 2
  6:00 PM B3 Annandale   Granite Falls  
Sunday June 19th
    Home team determined by coin toss    
      B3 Annandale 5 Granite Falls 0
5th 10:00 AM   Litchfield 1 Annandale 3
3rd 12:15 PM   Granite Falls 5 BOLD 8
1st 2:30 PM   Hutchinson 16 West St Paul 0
  Pool A has 4 teams.      
  a) The team finishing 0-2 will be eliminated from Sunday's play  
  b) If the two 1-1 teams have played each other, 2nd place will be awarded to
    the winner of that game.  If not, the loser of game A4 will be awarded
    2nd place in the pool.      
  Pool B has 3 teams      
  a) Team with worst run differential places 3rd  
  b) Winner of pool game between remaining two eams 1st place in pool A
*Concessions are available on site      
*The practice field on site is available for your use between games  
*Please limit infield to starting players only for your second game Saturday  


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  • Congratulations guys on a great District 7 tournament. You worked through some adversity and tough situational baseball to come out on top. Let's keep going!
  • Stay tuned here for information about the state tourney in Spicer. More details are still pending.
  • First Ever D2 Junior State Tourney @ Bird island - August 4-6

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